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Christian - General
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Why are you here?
I need a man who has and can defend his opinion, who has goals for the future. I appreciate personal space and for this, I would like my man to have a hobby. My man should be cheerful, smiling, with more optimistic thinking. It does not matter what his profession is, the main desire and ability to earn money. I do not like lazy people and it will be a huge plus that he will not be afraid of working on the farm or in the garden.
Your character
I am that girl with whom you can go to a restaurant and watch a basketball game and go to the village to pick potatoes or help with the household. Many who see me for the first time say that I have a commanding voice and I am probably the boss, although this is all only an impression, because in fact, with all my rationality and thriftiness, I am very trusting and easily attached to people. I am a caring person, I will never insult my family and loved ones, even if we have disagreements with them. I believe that even if a person has stumbled, he has the right to a second chance and in general I believe in the best in people. I cook well, but I don't really like to do it. I am sociable and sociable, I often invite guests home. I am conservative in my tastes and very old-fashioned in places. I do not accept sex without feelings and am looking for the notorious chemistry and attraction.
I am a versatile person. Here are my main hobbies:
CrossFit, I have been doing it since 2016, I used to do it with a coach now I can do it myself in the gym;
puzzles - I like how the whole picture is made from separate pieces, and I like to find the relationship in things;
makeup - I took courses and I am very inspired by visage,
change appearance and create;
photography - I like to be photographed, I have a lot of photo shoots and I am ready for experiments, there are even nude photo shoots, for my grandchildren, as I always joke))
I don’t know yet if this can be considered a hobby?)) but in my family they say that I cook barbecue and grill dishes in general better than any man, and I like it)