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48 kg (106 lbs)
162 cm (5'4'')
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Never married
Christian - General
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I'm looking for a man who will be honest and open with me, who will perceive me not only as a loved one, but also as a good friend, that's all I want at the moment. I believe that reliability is an extremely important quality for a man, when you can rely on him and trust all the most intimate. Empathy is also an important quality. Maybe you heard the statement, both in sorrow and in joy, therefore, I want that with the future husband. We can enjoy our own victories together and empathize, when a turning point in life happens, for me this is important. I want simple relationships, complicated things are not for me...
Your character
Let me introduce to you! My name is Katya, I'm 27, I'm an active, charming and kind woman. I live in Kiev, although I grew up in another city, I work as a dentist. So if you need help, call me, I'm an expert in my business!) I like to travel and discover something new for myself. Sociable, so you do not need to worry that our evening gatherings can be accompanied by silence! Well, if you read it, everything is not so bad, right?) But there is also a bad side of my life... In a relationship, I've experienced lies and betrayal, a lot of excuses and no serious intentions. I don't think that I deserved such an attitude, therefore I avoided any men for a long time... But I was told that here I can find the one and only and my hopes have not been lost yet, so I do not give up!
I'm fond of medicine because my work is connected with this, and I give it enough time because I really love it. But I cannot devote myself only to work and sometimes I need a rest that will help to forget about everything... So, one of my hobbies is fishing. Fishing for me as a sedative, you sit, enjoy a beautiful view and at the same time you can even catch something!) The most memorable for me was fishing in the Indian Ocean. Imagine this?) It was dangerous, but at the same time it's interesting too! If we'll know each other better, I will talk about other hobbies)