Anti-Scam and Confidentiality Policy

Best-Marriages can guarantee its Confidentiality, Safety and Anti-scam policy to you.

Under no circumstances we may sell or pass any of your personal information, given to us at the profile registration, to the third party.
Our company undertakes to use your contact details at our web site only. You will regularly receive information of transactions, requests, promotional campaigns, mails received from girls and your other activity at Best-Marriages site at your mail box.

You may be sure that your texting and chat communication are of a confidential nature, we do not look through or read your mails, or chat messages, unless there is a serious reason.
Intrusion on private correspondence is possible only in case of receipt of a claim or having an investigation for anti-scam purposes.
Access to your mail can happen only if a girl you’re texting doesn’t speak English, and so she uses translator’s services from a local dating agency.

In order to enhance Security at our website all the participants of the Program are forbidden to provide their personal details like address, phone number or the credit card details in Mails or instant messages.
We guarantee the high rate of protection of payment transactions.

The billing company we work with uses secure server and passes details of your credit card via PGP that is the powerful tool for securing information.
You may be sure that only the machine processing your request knows details of your credit cards, and they may not be sold or passed to the third parties. Our technicians are 24/7 liable for convenience and security of our Service.

If you have any questions or suggestions for our website Security and Confidentiality Policy we will really appreciate it!
We are grateful to you for your trust and Best-Marriages website as your choice!