Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully along with Terms and Conditions to better understand how we process your personal information, including the one users and visitors share with us intentionally and that we receive automatically from your device. This document describes how we collect, store and process information when you visit (Futher “Site”, “Website”, “Company”, “We”, “our”, “us”) in accordance and compliance of GDPR.

1. What type of information do we collect and how we use it.

    1. 1.1 Information that you input on our website.

      Your Contact Information. During the sign up you provide us with an e-mail which is considered to be Contact Information. We will use it if our Support Team needs to get in touch with you personally or send you useful information about current news and promotions. You can at any time discontinue receiving certain email you are not interested in receiving. Your contact information will be available to managers of our website only. We do not share it and it will not be visible to other members.

Personal Profile Information. During registration you will be asked to provide your name and date of birth. As we are providing a platform for communication it is important that you provide this description about yourself in your Profile, such as your weight, height, eye and hair color etc. We save this information and it is visible to other members, however date of birth is being displayed as your age on regular basis and only 5 days before your birthday – the specific date is available for others.

Another reason we need this information is that Administration may review your age to verify age eligibility, as we are not allowing members younger than 18.

Graphic and Video Content. During your membership you will be able to post and send images and video. You can upload images to your profile and it will be visible to other users.

During your communication you will be able to send your pictures and video, turn the live webcam on and send instant pictures in chat. That is a part of communication and this content will be available only to other member you have send it to. All content is undergoing confirmation from our Administration to make sure it comply with Terms and Conditions of However we can not be responsible of the actions other members can take with personal information you are posting or sharing.

1.2. Information that we receive automatically

This information includes Technical Data about your visit and includes IP address, browser type, referral URL, navigation information, cookies. We use this information for security reasons as well as to maintain and improve your experience on our website.

1.3. Payment Processing.

As we are using third party payment processing systems, there is no information about your payment being visible to our website or stored on our website. You are being redirected to trusted and secure payment processor and after payment is completed – redirected back to our website. This way only banking institutions are processing are storing this sensitive information and sending us back only status of payment.

2. Information disclosure

As stated above we always keep information about our members secure and private and use it to improve your experience on our website. However there are certain situations when your information may be disclosed.

2.1. In legal actions. We may use and disclose your personal information to certain organizations in case of investigation, prevention or other actions that are related to fraud and illegal activities. It will be used as a proof of identity, used services and processed payments to resolve disputes and prevent fraud when our companies rights, property and safety are being jeopardized.

2.2. To trusted third parties services. To provide best experience we use third parties services that are related to our website, including data hosting, payment processing systems, advertising companies, analytics and security services. In order for these third parties services to operate properly we provide access to certain limited information about you. Most of this information is not sensitive and can hardly be related to particular person.

2.3. Business reorganization. In case of website is being sold or the companies structure being reorganized, your personal information will be transferred as a part of our database.

2.4. Retention of information.

You as member providing our website with your personal information during your activity on our website. When you are no longer interested in being a member and request us to remove your profile along with all provided information, we have rights to retain certain information that will be used in case, but not limited to: legal settlements, chargebacks and refund requests or other cases listed in this Privacy Policy.

3. Age restrictions.

We do not knowingly collect any personal information about possible members who are younger than 18. To anyone who is less than 18 years old we require not to browse the website and not to sign up for it. When we notice that we have collected any personal information from minor, it should be immediately removed.

3. Cookies

When you visit the website for the first time, you will be informed that uses “Cookies” files. To get more information please review our Cookies Policy.

4. International data transfer

Our website provides services worldwide and therefor we allow users from all over the world to create profile and therefor – share personal information. During your membership we may use and transfer your information to countries, that are different from the one you signed up. Other countries may not have same data protection regulations however we are still working under Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission to ensure safe data transfer.

5. Data Security

Our website uses most reliable security measures to make sure your information is protected from being lost, misused and destructed. Our website uses HTTPS protocol as well as SSL encryption for data processing. However, even using all possible data protection possibilities, you as a member is fully responsible for information that you share therefor you post it on our website at your own risk; website can not be responsible for any unintentional disclosure or loss of this information. So please carefully select what information your release to others.

6. Your Privacy Rights

You have all rights to access your information and request all information we have on file about your Profile. You fully authorized to have control over it, remove it or change. You can view your information by visiting My profile – the information you provided during registration is being controlled under this Privacy Policy per your agreement and basic set up preferences are used, which can be changed by you at any time. If you wish to change your information, remove some of it or change preferences, you can do so by visiting My profile or Settings page. Please notice that our website provides a platform for communication, removing some basic information (such as name, email and age) will make it impossible for us to provide any further service.

You have rights to request all information that we have on file about your Profile. To do so please use Contact us page. Basic settings are set for you to obtain newsletters and email notifications. You can change this by visiting Settings – Subscriptions or by pressing the link on the bottom of each email you are receiving from us, which will lead you to Unsubscribe page. Also you can manager Cookies and other technical data as described in Cookies Policy.

7. Changes

Please notice that we may need to change this Privacy Policy and these changes will become effective once it is published on our website. Your continued use of the Site will certify your acceptance of these changes, so in case you need it, you can always get back and review this Policy.

The notification will be send to your email address if any changes took place on this page.

8. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or how we process or store your information, please contact our support team.


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Effective Date: May 25th, 2018