1. What is Best-Marriages Website?
Best-Marriages helps men and women all over the world to find each other and to start meaningful relationships for love and marriage.
Men can communicate with the ladies via Mails and more.
To learn more about us, click here.

  2. How does Best-Marriages Website work?
1. Create your profile
All you have to do is to fill all the fields in the profile page and add some photos
2. Start the communication
Start the communication with the women you like. It is the first step to find your second half. Letters will help you to understand if you really like this lady. If so …
3. Come and meet her
To make everything clear for both of you – come to meet her. Meeting a lady in a real life will show you if you are meant to be together!

  3. What are Best-Marriages Website’s services?
1. Mails – here you have an opportunity to contact the lady via mail to start your getting to know each other.
2. Gift shop – send your lady a gift and brighten her day with your attention. Make her understand you think about her.
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  4. How does Best-Marriages Website deal with the scam?
Best-Marriages website doesn’t tolerate scamming, we take it very seriously. That is why we have special regulations for local agencies we work with; randomly check the ladies’ profiles and the information they provide.
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  5. How can I find Terms of Use of your website?
Please refer to the following link.

  6. These women are stunning. Are these ladies real?
It is a well-known fact that Slavic ladies are the most beautiful ladies in the world. Looking for love on this site they wish to make a good impression on men. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn they have made professional photos. Enjoy the beauty of these ladies talking to them via the site. Best-Marriages Website takes all the possible measures to ensure that the information and photos of every lady are accurate. We have all the electronic scanned copies of ladies’ passports. Furthermore, Best-Marriages Team randomly calls the ladies to verify the information they provide us with.

  7. Are these ladies models?
Most of the ladies-participants of Best-Marriages website have ordinary jobs and do not have any connection with modeling business. Of course, some of the ladies do modeling in their free time. Why almost all of their photos are so professional? Many ladies made professional photo sessions specifically for the site as they know that photos make the first impression on a person. While communicating with them you will see the ladies’ photos they send you and will make sure – they are real and these are their photos on the profiles.

  8. Why Slavic women are interested in Western men?
There are number of facts why Slavic women are looking for Western men, among them:
- They wish to be treated like real ladies. Slavic women are very feminine and family oriented, and they enjoy being appreciated by men. They understand Western men value such characteristics as sincerity, kindness, tenderness, putting their family first.
- Belief that their other half can be anywhere in the world. They give themselves a chance to find their other half wherever it may be, as you also believe love can be found anywhere, right?
- Western men put family first. Slavic ladies are very family oriented and they look for the same in partner. They believe Western men value family traditions and always put the family on the first place among all their life’s interests.

  9. How can I post my profile on Best-Marriages Website?
If you are not a member of Best-Marriages website click here.
Don’t forget to fill in each required field and put only accurate information about yourself.

10. How can I cancel my membership?
To cancel your membership on Best-Marriages website, please contact us.

11. Is it safe to post my profile on your website?
Absolutely yes! Your safety and comfort while using Best-Marriages Website is our first priority. None of men’s profiles is available to general public. The ability to see the profiles have only participated ladies that have verified profiles and the local agencies we work with.

12. Will my personal information be shared with any third parties?
No. This information is confidential and will never be shared with any third parties. Your contact information is used for billing purposes only.

13. I forgot my password what should I do?
If you forgot your password, just click here. Or click the “Forgot your password?” button on the “log in” page.

14. Can I change my profile information?
Of course, you can do it anytime you want. Just click “Edit my profile” from the left side of the screen while you are logged in to the site.

15. Why should I add a photo to my profile?
It is not a must, but we recommend you to do it in order to have more chances to be noticed by Slavic ladies. Add your best photos to the profile and you will get the result!

16. Are emails translated for intended receiver?
No worries! All of your letters are translated to the lady and all her letters are translated to you. Language barrier is no longer an obstacle while you are communicating with a lady who doesn’t speak any English.

17. How do I know my gifts and flowers are received?
When the lady gets a present from you, you will get a photo of her with it. So you will have not only a proof that she got your present but also another chance to see that the lady is real.

18. Should I send gifts to a lady?
Present is the best way to show your affection to the lady and to stand out of the crowd. Any lady is always pleased to get a reminder of her beauty and to know that somebody is thinking about her.

19. Can I exchange my personal information via the site?
No. For security and safety reasons, members are prohibited to exchange personal contact information via any of the site's services. We are glad to provide you with our best services and work to diversify them.

20. Are the women paid to use the site?
Absolutely no! Our Terms of Use forbid members and users on Best-Marriages Website from being paid. Furthermore, Best-Marriages Website prohibits such kind of activities via written signed agreements with all its local agencies in the former USSR so that they are forbidden from participating in any such conduct.

21. What payments does Best-Marriages Website accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. At this moment, we do not accept checks, money orders, or wire transfers for our online services.

22. How do I change my password?
Click “Change password” on the left side of the screen when you are logged in to the site. Then put the new password to the required field and confirm it in the next field. Then click “Change” button.

23. How do I add photos to my profile?
Click “Add/change My Photos” on the left side of the screen when you are logged in to the site.
- If you want to add a new photo – click “add photo” on the top of the screen. Browse a photo on your computer and click “add photo”.
- If you wish to delete photo, just click on that photo, choose the “red X” and confirm the deletion.
- If you want to change a photo on the profile putting another one – click on the photo and choose “two sheets of paper”. Browse a photo on your computer and click “add photo”.
- If you want to crop the photo – click on the photo and choose “scissors”. Then choose the area you would like to leave and click “Crop” button.

24. How do I send an email?
The easiest way to send a letter to a lady is to click the letter icon located within her profile card. Type the body of the letter and click “Send message”. If you want to add attachment to the letter – browse it on your computer and only then click “Send message”.

25. How do I send a gift?
Click on the gift icon within the lady’s profile, then choose the category present belongs to. Put the count of gifts in required window and click “give a gift” button. After that you can attach your message, if you do not want to do it, just leave the required field empty. And then just click OK.

26. How long does it take to deliver a gift to a lady?
Usually it takes from 1 to 3 days to deliver a gift to a lady. In case the lady is out of the city, delivery can be delayed.

27. Website is displayed incorrectly, what is wrong?
If Best-Marriages is displayed incorrectly in your internet browser, we recommend you to use the 9+ version of Internet Explorer and last versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

28. What does it mean “on moderation” that is written under my avatar?
“On moderation” means that your uploaded photo is under review of the Website‘s Administration. Usually it takes us few hours to approve your photo. But sometimes it can take 24 hours at most.