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167 cm (5'6'')
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Natalia 34

Nikolaev, Ukraine

ID: 105757

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Why are you here?
I am seeking for my lifetime partner, a man who will understand me completely, a man without whom I shall not be able imagine my life. I dream to start an endless romantic journey which would last forever. I hope to create our small Heaven which would inspire both of us. He is outgoing, confident, full of energy, physically fit, and adventurous. In addition, he is very sociable, enjoys family relationships, picnics on the weekends, or just talking the evening away over a glass of wine.
Your character
I am very friendly and nice, I love a good conversation. I am a very good listener which is pretty hard to find in a girl nowadays. I really enjoy life and am very intelligent. I believe you have never met such a fascinating woman as me before. I am tender and fragile and I have a strong charisma at the same time. I know I am reliable and sincere and my life experience proves that these qualities help me to win the respect of all people around me. I know I am a sensual partner and you have a chance to find out this. ;) I come from a solid family background of love and encouragement and I always look forward to spending time with family and friends on holidays and birthdays.
I have a lot of interests. I love traveling as I am a very curious person and like to know something new and to see new places. I enjoy outdoors and prefer to spend my free time with my friends. I like picnics and cooking. At home, I enjoy working with my hands to remodel my home, landscape the yard, and believe it or not grow roses. My interests and hobbies are many, and will share them as we communicate with each other.

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