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Anastasia 26

Horlivka, Ukraine

ID: 118974

Why are you here?
You could have noticed that I need a man who is older than me. Does this mean I need a "papa" whom I never had? Oh, please, we shall leave this for our "special private games". But first of all I need a mature husband, who will feel my own maturity beyond the age.

I see you as a strong man, hard-working and respectful, who will see my personality, but also never forget about my body. Be passionate, be daring... And let's change the world together! Oh, of course I am speaking not of the whole world, but about our own, which we will build together, and which is called "family."

You do not need to take pity on me, as I am not pitiful at all. Trust me and be worthy of my trust, speak openly from the very beginning - playing with words won't work for us, because we prefer action, right?

I do hope you also love to travel... Because in this case we together will discover the whole planet, proving each other that the world is not enough for our love... Ready? Steady... Go! Write to me, my champion.
Your character
Do you know why lotus is the symbol of purity? Because no matter how dirty the water is, when lotus opens in the morning, its petals are always snowy white and clean...

I am a lotus, and I grew beautiful from the poor ground - being orphan since my early childhood, loosing everyone by the age of sixteen, I didn't go into a nose dive - instead I learned to see beauty in every single day!

Please, note, that I won't stand calling me a "searcher for better life" or "gold digger"! Instead, I, being an independent and educated woman, want to unite my life with a man, whom I will show and gift the beauty which is around - and the one which is in me. What I want in return? The same! Passion, tenderness and love which I never gave to anyone I want to give to you...

Still, if you dare to call me a scammer, please, first come here and say it in my face, though be careful - I spend years doing kick-boxing, so I know exactly how to kick, he-he!

So, now you know that I am sporty and strong. Which doesn't mean I forget about my mind. So, if you don't enjoy reading - I will read my favorite aloud for you every evening before we go to bed... And after some of the stories you for sure won't sleep for at least a half of the night with me...
I am a young lady Anastasiya, who is willing to meet her second half.

My own opinion of myself - I have energy to do many things, and I am exciting about this colourful life! Life is wonderful and I would like to realize myself in all aspects. Still I think that creating a nice and friendly family is the most important task of every person. I like to start my day with positive thougts and emotions.

I am rather a mature woman and I lead a rather active life. I am a classy, charming and caring woman. I am kind and intelligent, romantic and serious. I love children very much. I have gentle character, therefore I easily communicate with people. But I want to be a happy woman.

I want to love my second half and make him happy, I always try to find a solution from every situation, and, of course, I am sure, I need a man, who will appreciate not only my beauty, but also me as a person! I do want to believe that here on the site I will meet my second half, the man whom I will live all my life.

So I am here to meet the man who will become that very one and who will appreciate me as a loving, caring and devoted woman. I do hope that I hit the mark and that you will have the desire to start our communication.

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