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52 kg (115 lbs)
172 cm (5'8'')
English, Russian
English level
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Never married
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Not smoking
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Tatiana 28

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 130605

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Why are you here?
I want to feel warm inside just by looking at his bright smile and glowing eyes. I want to feel his touch and his lips against mine and know that our love will grow in time. As I look into his eyes I see honesty and commitment without any words and we will feel that we met sometime before, maybe in another life or in my dreams.
Your character
I am a kind and caring person, besides I am tender and sweet. My friends say that I am a very special girl. I am quite sociable, easy to get along with, flexible and spontaneous. I should say I treat life seriously through I tend to be cheerful, optimistic and usually in high spirits.
Frankly speaking I adore my life and that is why I value every minute of that! You know I firmly believe that to live an active life is really amazing and that is why being active is really important for me. I’m interested in dancing and of course if you have a desire to become my partner so of course you are welcome. As every active and optimistic person I know that your own impressions are the best treasure in this life and that is why I’d like to tell you that I adore traveling. You see I think that you know that the most important thing in our life is our family and of course I completely agree with you and that is why despite that I like staying with my friends having fun I adore spending my free time with my family. I can’t live without that feeling which gives me a family spirit and I hope that here you will agree with me.))) I like spending time at the open air just having some time for thinking about my future and if you would ever have a desire to join me so just let me know!

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