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55 kg (121 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
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High school
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Never married
Christian - General
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Elizaveta 29

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 151638

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Why are you here?
What do I need from my man? I want him to be able to show his love and attention. I want to find a man who can show how different thins life can be, how different from everything I had before. I dream to find a real, strong man, who will be my “stone wall”. I’m looking first of all for a real man, who’ll have power and would be a head in the family. Yes, I believe in equal relations, but only with someone who will be a leader in our relations.))
Your character
I can find the common language with people very easy and I believe they enjoy my company. I like to smile and laugh, but I never forget to be serious, sure, only where it’s needed.)I could say that I have a sense of humor, good or bad - is up to you to decide. My passion it’s excursions, exhibitions and different trips. As a real woman I have my weaknesses and my passions.) It could be not easy for me to be patient sometimes, and sometimes I can be too curious. I call it as my bad habit.) It’s not easy for me to wake up in mornings, so you will have to kiss me every day at least during one hour to wake me up. Are you ready for that?)
Well, I have too many interests and hobbies but mainly I have two interests - art and music. I believe that riding a bike can be not bad if you have a good company with you. And how can be wonderful to run and to listen to your favorite song! Yes, it’s definitely a wonderful combination of two hobbies! As a woman I adore beautiful things and fashion.
Every great story has its own beginning… I’m sure, it always works, for everyone. All people all over the world know that if you want to be happy, you have to fight for your happiness. Sometimes when I look at happy coupes I realize that probably they did too much to be together. We cannot know how hard they fought for their happiness, only these people can know that…

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