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55 kg (121 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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I'm looking for a man with a good heart, serious intentions, with the desire to mutually understand each other, love ,, care, support, and never betray. Communication is the only true priority in a relationship for me. For without it, you can not know the person next to you, knowing their joy or pain, to find out what is really important, and build trust. I does not matter the age of the man, and I'm not looking for a super model perfect guy. I need a confident, business, decent person who wishes to take place in the family of the head of the house and a loving husband. I would like to build a family with him and spend time with him when he is not working. I understand the need for independence, it is good, but I hope that it will put on the importance of building relationships in the first place.
Your character
Many people are talking about me as a feminine, sincere girl having a clear position, a sense of humor. About myself I can say with confidence that I am faithful, loving, good-natured woman. In search of a life partner, a good friend and maybe even a husband, I decided to turn to a dating site where single ladies find their second halves.
Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come in large or small. I ask myself, what is really important in my life today or tomorrow and in the future?
This may be all that I can see on the surface, something that everyone notices and admires the qualities or talents. It can also be little things ... like a man going, as we speak, and every action. It gives me joy just to see a smile on human`s eyes. If I ever understand the magic that makes each of us special, I would probably find that a combination of all these things. I am happy and very positive in my mind ... but my happiness will be completed as soon as I meet with my right and a very special person. Today and tomorrow, and always my man is the most important "subject" for me.
I love swimming, gym sessions, excursions, walks in the fresh air of the exhibition. In general, I love an active lifestyle, travel, the smell of the sea and the sun. I love life so fleeting and different as it can be. and I love to live a bright and unusual)))
 I like to learn the traditions of other countries, cooking. I'm interested in astrology and philosophy, but I'm not a professional, and amateur)).
favorite color - Blue