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170 cm (5'7'')
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Tatiana 29

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 176634

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Why are you here?
I want to find a man who will be the biggest and the most important part of my life. I want my man to make me feel that I'm loved, wanted and the best for him. It's how I see a real man.) But in my turn, I can give everything I have, because in such a strong feeling like love, I can be crazy. I want to be lost in my man. A man who will help me to feel this way, will be the happiest on this planet, it's what I can guarantee. I don't have a special list of qualities I want to see in him, I believe that love doesn't have any borders.
Your character
I'm a woman you will never be able to find anymore. I can tell I'm a strong and independent, but maybe not enough to imagine my life without a man. I simply love to enjoy this life and I believe nothing can be better than to have a chance to enjoy and feel this life. This felling, these emotions I want to share with you, my man. I think my big plus is that I can listen. I'm a very forgiving person and I cannot say "No" to someone, who really needs my help. I am rather calm and kind, fun and friendly. But at the same time, I can laugh on myself and like to have good jokes with others. I am tender and feminine, caring and attentive.
I have too many interests and it could be hard or maybe impossible to name all of them here. I have very good friends, I can tell I adore them. That's why I love to send some free time with them. I love riding my bicycle, I love my dog!! Oh yes, he is the best friend for me, but sad that we cannot share secrets. Maybe he would tell me too much. I enjoy warm weather, beaches and swimming. Maybe people can say that the Black sea is not the best place, but I adore it. I love what I do at my work. I believe, I can help others.
I have so much to tell you. But I want to believe that everything you will see in my profile will touch you so deep, that you will not be able to forget me. It's where our journey will start.) I will show you my world, it's very special and usual place. And believe me, this place is not for everyone. I'm like a fire, my hair color describes me very well. If you are not afraid to burn in me and in feelings you can have with me I'm waiting for you. We will be everything for each other, we will support each other and I want to go with you hand by hand the whole my life. I believe it's how you see your life and I believe it's what you missed and never had before. But it's exactly what you will have with me and what I'm searching for.

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