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Svetlana 57

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 177401

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Why are you here?
The kind of a man that I see by my side is very well tempered. He has a sense of respect for himself and, therefore, everyone around him. He fights for what he has, and treasures it. He can set his priorities right towards his family. I want to feel protected next to him.
Your character
I am a very outgoing person. I like people and good laughter. I always think before I talk as I never want to offend anyone. I have a very calm temper and prefer to avoid conflicts. In the relationships I treasure loyalty, honesty and respect. Friendship is very important to me.
I live an active style of life, I enjoy sports and staying fit. I also love nature, and as I live on the bay of the sea I love to take a little walks on the boat. I also like reading, music, being out on the nature. Traveling is one of my big passions as well.
I have various interests. I enjoy staying active, fitness, walks, travels-all those things make my life brighter and more exciting. I have very strong family values. I believe that relatives and friends are people that love us for who we are, therefore, we have to treasure them. I have an adult daughter whom I love dearly, however, she has her own life now, and I feel as it is time to start building mine and settling with a deserving man.
In a relationship for me it is very important to have respect, dignity, loyalty and emotional support between the partners. I think that passion is a wonderful thing, and it makes our life so much more beautiful and exciting, however, with time it passes, and I believe that people who are in the relationship should work on growing true closeness that is called love. If you find me interesting, and you agree with my thoughts, please, let me know.

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