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52 kg (115 lbs)
169 cm (5'7'')
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Christian - General
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I dream to create family relations! My man, my fortress, my man, my love, my man my soul. It is reliable, kind, romantic, caring. He can listen to me and understand, he wants to be friends, and there are no secrets, he wants to have a family and home, and many years of marriage. He can not betray, he hates falsehood; He is strong, but at the same time very tender on the inside. He is with an open mind, a bold and adventurous as I am. He has a good sense of humor, and we can laugh together. My heart is open to new love. I am ready to create a new family with a good man, who was also tired of being alone, whose heart is also looking for happiness, who dreams of finding only one lady that will make every day of his life special and unforgettable. I hope that I will find you, even if you are so far away from me ...
I'm ready to leave Ukraine and begin our new life in another country with you, I am not afraid of any changes.
Your character
I sincerely lady with a good sense of humor and a desire to discover new things and enjoy life! smile
I am romantic, active, open woman. I can confidently say that I need a family where the man is the head of the house. I am divorced. I have a wonderful daughter who supports me in my search and understands that it is very important to have a normal family. I can say that I always try to see the good side in every situation. I am very sociable and a good listener and conversationalist. I think I'm in the best age for marriage ... I had the time to travel, to love, to be disappointed ... I had the time for self-realization. I had time to think about how my house looks, I had time to think about what I dream to see the man next to me ..
I've had time to think about many things ... and now I think it's time has come for me. I dream of my own family.
I love cycling, lead a healthy lifestyle, yoga and fitness, carefully treat my body and the body. I love flowers, I have a lot of plants that grow in my home. I think that indoor plants - is not only beautiful, but also useful for air))
I want to live my life alongside my dear man, a sincere friend and loving husband who is ready for a serious relationship that will last a life-long .... I do not ask treasure or fame, I know that this is not such an important aspect of our lives. All present and draw their own happiness in his own way, and I need just a little, a bit of a woman's happiness - family idyll, homey atmosphere :)). True happiness for me to meet someone who will answer me smile when I get home, hug me and say words of love, build a family life and enjoy life together, supporting each other in everything. Real relationships are based on trust, respect and sincerity. I will try to give you this. I know that it is impossible to truly know a person at a distance, but I'm willing to try to find his true love. I appreciate in people sincerity, care, loyalty and good humor. I am sincere and cheerful woman, and my door is always open for friends and guests.

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