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165 cm (5'5'')
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High school
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Natalia 31

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 214721

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Why are you here?
Well, there is no type. My person should be smart and honest, he should have sense of humor and he is must to love children and animals. He is should be better than me but never show it. If I will meet really nice man I ready to be his friend, lover hope wife in the future, just a man should understand that is good things don't come by themselves, need to work hard to get something really good in the life.
Your character
I'm open minded and easy going person. As well I can describe myself as optimistic, enthusiastic, charismatic and energetic person. I have a strong sense of humor. I love to joke and laugh, but only with familiar people.

Often highly motivated and ambitious I am not a woman who takes no for an answer, at least not for long! I try to make a good living, though probably I’m not the best at saving the money I makes, instead preferring to enjoy it as it arrives. Not smartest way, but who knows what will happen tomorrow, maybe I will lose opportunity. I try to live in my own way. I was working in weird and unusual places. I have seen many countries. In the words of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, "If a person has an opportunity to lead an unusual life, this person has no right to refuse it."

As to relationships, I am totally into one, or not interested at all, usually there's no middle ground.
I love to read. I speak English very well and a little bit Spanish. At the moment I study Deutsch (German language). As being a normal human I like to walk, special I like woods and mountains, love to travel, like cinema, theaters actually any entertainment. I like to spend time with family and friends. I really enjoy cooking and do it very well when have time for it. I enjoy dancing, cycling and swimming but do it all only for pleasure not professionally. As well I love to travel.

Love animals, at the moment have two cats and two read-eared turtles. Sometimes I pick up street kittens hill them and find for them good home. So if you are have allergy it may be a problem because I am this kind of cat-person. I want to build normal family and have children in the future.
I feel happy when finding good book to read, when visit beautiful place, when visit place where I haven’t been before, feel happy when I have to try new delicious dish, happiness in small things as well… when has not right person by your side, study how to enjoy even small things, like good weather or good movie. But I believe when find the perfect match for yourself nothing else will matter. Would be lovely even watch boring movie on the old sofa in cold rainy day.

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