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51 kg (112 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
English level
Some college
Current occupation
Obstetrician - gynecology
Marital status
Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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Julia 29

Luhansk, Ukraine

ID: 219160

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Why are you here?
The first thing I would like to see in my man - a strong character. I am a strong girl who can overcome any obstacle! I want my man noticed my tenderness and femininity, and I hope you will allow me to do it with you!
I'm not afraid to go to another country to learn a new language and occupation, if necessary, but I want it to be a mutual decision of two people loving and respecting each other's interests.
I need you to have a little sense of humor, you understand the joke and were able to walk through the world with a smile on his face. I want you to be able to surprise and be surprised by the origin of the large and small wonders of the world as a child! Haha, and I will teach you !!! Well, not always, but ... at least sometimes, okay? Smile
Your character
I am a friendly, open, affectionate girl. I'm loyal to the people, they all have their weaknesses, no matter how much they want to appear. I can forgive easily, which makes my life more relaxed and balanced. I believe that nothing happens by chance, for all that is happening for a reason. Happiness is never easy to come into my life! But ... now I know so well its price! My biggest secret of success in my life is always hope for the best and never lose a positive mood!
I can also keep a secret, people trust me and can be easily adapted by me. I'm easy to get used to new places that give me more fun to travel. By education, health care worker and I work as a nurse in the perinatal center ... Now I'm realizing his dream to become a good obstetrician - gynecologist, and I can assure you that very soon I will achieve this goal! Just because there is nothing impossible in this life! If we want something with all my heart, the whole universe will help us!
And now ... you are ready to get in your life with such a gentle, sunny and gentle girl like me? Are you open to that? I'm open to it !!! And ... For real meeting!!!
I love reading, especially detective stories I try to be active, collected and punctual. I collect different varieties of wine, though she does not drink alcohol, strong drinks. Tasty cooked seafood with a glass of dry red wine - a pleasant pastime in the cold, wet weather, in my opinion. And if it so happens that you were at my house, it was this dish and I would have regaled)) I like to travel ... I am never in a bad mood or angry.

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