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Zodiac sign
48 kg (106 lbs)
155 cm (5'1'')
English, Russian
English level
High school
Current occupation
restaurant owner
Marital status
Never married
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Not smoking
Will you date a smoker?
Not filled
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Anastasia 31

Lviv, Ukraine

ID: 219213

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Why are you here?
i'm here to find my one and only man, who will love me for who i am , not just for my wealth,
i hope to meet you here my best man in the world !!
I want to feel the harmony of love) i want to feel this great feelings, i want to be happy with my man and make him happy too!! if we fall in love i will make you happy !! you will see another world with me ! i want to have my own world with my beloved man !
Your character
I am very gentle, sentimental and kind girl, my heart is always open to good people, my friends say that i very gentle and caring woman) i think it's true ) in my heart and soul there's a lot of love, kindness and passion
as well i love to wrap my native people with care and attention)
I like to do good things for people, and so i often work as a volunteer, I want to make this world was good bright and light)
If you want to have a gentle caring woman who will envelop you with her warmth and attention and that will make your world brighter, i -what you need) i believe that love make people very happy and that it's very hard to live without love, i love sea and i love surfing , i very love a nature around me , i feel harmony with nature.. and you? you know what is Harmony? no? you can feel it with me .............
I do not like lies and betrayal ... .. I believe that honesty and beauty will save the world!

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