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Ekaterina 25

Nikolaev, Ukraine

ID: 250278

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I think ideal relationships based on mutual love and respect! Soul mates must appreciate each other and count every minute spent together! In my opinion love can be expressed in details and this details can be small and not valuable! For example: breakfast in bed , or unexpected surprise can warm up feelings between soul mates;)
Your character
ok lets strat this. I am tender read head lady, I have such color of hair beacuse I feel myself like this, I am creative person, I am dancer, I love to read rap, I love to write poems. I start to dance in 2010 year, I was at my first year in University, my first training was at 4th of December 2010 year, it was hip hop, my first trainer was guy Dima he is older on 3 years. He was my first trainer and in dancing he explan to me that main thing its my own techic and style of dancing. in the 2011 year I go at another dance club, named "action", my trainer was Irina. I go there like 2 or 3 months, I leave this club because I have intention change style of dancing, after I went to the syyle Krumo, if you don't know what is it you can watch on youtube, I was there like 5 months not so lot because trainer was irresponsible. After I decided return to hip hop my trainer was blond girl Ulyana. She really invested a lot of energy in me, she supported me when I started to show her my own choreograohies, my first choreography was on song, remix Waka Flocka Flame and ASAP Ferg "Murda Something", yes not so positive song but I feel that it was my song. I go to her lessons of hip hop like 2, 5 years and after that she move in China work as dancer and I stayed here and go to teach physics in school, after that I really for the few years don't had time to dance because it is really hard work in school, but it was my desicion, now I try return to dancing, oh I forget I also love dancing style drum'n'bass Also now I write poems and I write rap You can ask me I will send my texts if you intrested ok
I like computer games, from 3 years I played in shooters Hexen Heretic Doom1,2 Quake, Jazz Jackrebbit. Now I love game from Blizzard Heroes of the Storm. I played in this game liek three years right i this moment I ahve gold rank in hero league and platinum in team league. Yes, yes I am good teammate))) Mt favorite heroes is Tyrand, Phoenix, Azmodan, Illidan
Dance dance one more time dance

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