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Zodiac sign
50 kg (110 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
English level
Current occupation
Marital status
Never married
Christian - General
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
Will you date a smoker?
Not filled
Do you have children?
Why are you here?
I am in the search of the man who will not only keep me company in life but who will be my life. I am not selfish and cant understand how women can fight for their independence as it is nothing more pleasant that being next to beloved. I don't have much experience but I know exactly what I want. I know what strong family means for life of every person. I believe that having your beloved we can achieve any goals. My man should share my views.
Your character
I am a creative, charismatic, open and active girl. In fact, I am very trusting and gentle. Only with time and throughout my life, I began to realize that not everyone can be trusted and open heart and soul. I try to be nice listener, engaging speaker and trouble-free in the necessary assistance. Right from my childhood, my mother always wondered how I easily and naturally, I was able to find a common language.
I am a hardworking and diligent. I have clear goals in life, and I purposefully go to the starry hour, when my wishes and dreams come true. Many of my friends, and friends say that I am very talented girl. And, no one taught me nothing, I was born with it already! ))) I love to sing, I like different styles of music genre. While studying at art school, I had a variety of competitions, festivals, in which I won prizes and awards. While still a student, I knew that I want to be a teacher, so in parallel with studies I was an intern in the field of pedagogy with children of preschool age. I honestly can say that I am simple and fun, believe in your dream, believe and you will believe in me)
If you're like me, do not hesitate to write to me. It does not matter your age, appearance, most importantly, what would your soul was rich in moral values. I am sure that we will find a common language!
I like to listen to the sound of the surf and smell the sea air. Every summer, I spend a lot of time at the seaside. I love to sing, I like different styles of music genre.

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