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53 kg (117 lbs)
167 cm (5'6'')
English level
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Designer clothing
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Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Natalia 36

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

ID: 254907

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Why are you here?
I hope to meet here and be with the person who is trying not to be angry, he is optimistic on the positive relationship and fruitful family idyll. My previous relationship was full of mistakes on both sides, and I know that was wrong. But this time I'm here with the desire to open your heart to a single person. I know if you are here, you want the same thing. Men love with their eyes, but please, look into my eyes and you can read all there!
The man, whom I could love, it should be: the advantage of wisdom, a good heart, honesty, understanding and support. I also want to say that I appreciate in a man faithful. This is the only thing that keeps people together, in my opinion.
Your character
I am very cheerful, gentle and caring woman)) I love to be with friends and to please people, make their lives happier if only for a moment))
I have an interesting job - I'm designer garment. I have a refined taste in clothing and elegant people I am impressed! I love to travel around the world))
In my heart, it occupies an important place of my son, whom I love so much. I have great family values, and I am very family-oriented woman and I dream to find a man who can think in the same way.
I love to travel, observe the traditions and cultures of different countries and human opinions.
I'm an extremist.)) I like to skate and jump with a parachute, I love to be in movement, because movement is life, and if you stop, I believe that something has passed by thee, and thou shalt not know this once. I love nature, often arrange a bike ride through the woods, it's so nice when you're driving, and you face a light breeze blowing and the birds chirping around you.

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