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Zodiac sign
56 kg (123 lbs)
172 cm (5'8'')
English level
Current occupation
Managing staff
Marital status
Never married
Christian - General
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
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Not filled
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Elena 26

Donetsk region, Ukraine

ID: 260686

Why are you here?
I am looking for an equally compassionate man who is gentle in his approach towards me and to life. Someone who is confident and motivated to a relationship but at the same time knows what he wishes for without emotionally hurting people around him. Someone who is loyal to himself and to his partner and will not sway when things hit a rocky patch but will fight for what is good and right. Spontaneous, ambitious, giving and caring would be an advantage. Also, someone who likes to keep healthy and looks after their body and soul as well as the way he presents himself. Being able to smile and laugh together is also very important, as having a positive attitude towards life, makes everything so much better and brighter.
Your character
I am a kind hearted woman with a busy work schedule but I still manage to find time to smile and to stay positive and honest to myself and to my beliefs and values. My attributes would be that I am gentle, sensitive, feminine and incredibly caring. On my days off I volunteer my time and compassion in a children’s home, where I make sure that the children feel the love and adoration that they are missing out on by not having a family that cherishes them. I think from my picture it can be seen straight away that I am a gentle feminine woman with a deep passion for life and companionship. Though I am settled in life and have a great job, my eyes need to smile with happiness and my heart wishes to beat faster, so this is why I find myself here.
In my free time I like to practice yoga, I try and practice yoga every morning before I go to work and at the weekends I go to the gym to do bikram yoga for a full hard work out, which I enjoy thoroughly. I also enjoy cooking, reading and watching movies; I find it so relaxing and thought provoking. Besides that, I also dedicate my free time to be a volunteer at a children’s home.

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