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online Valentina
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49 kg (108 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
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Designer housing constructions, graphics
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Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Why are you here?
Of course I would love my man to be wise and intelligent person. He should be well-wishing, open, bubbling with life. I also want him to be active and to enjoy traveling. He should be fascinating man for sure.
Your character
I am cheerful and active. I am a strong spirit, but vulnerable soul, romantic but with a sober outlook on life. I was hard to charm, but it is easy to disappoint. I prefer to stick with tradition, but I would like to have some changes in my life, I always try to look for something new, new experiences and knowledge. I am a simple woman who appreciates the simple things in life! I am kind and sincere. Many of my friends say that I am condescending! I think that anyone can make mistakes, and anyone can make a wrong move: to say something is wrong, without this intention to do something, do not hesitate and make the other person to be upset without understanding! I understand that not everything can be forgiven, but I think someone deserves to have another chance, because sometimes even a little chance can change someone's life!
I love life, sky, speed, extreme, music, mood, under which you want to dance, massage, self-confidence, holiday, beautiful words, freedom, city, traffic, web, night, horror, romance, strong and self-confident people pictures and all that is connected with them, style, gifts, when there is something to talk about, to study psychology, shopping, summer, dream, sleep, tan, chocolate, look at the stars and airplanes, ride in the car and look out the window, to turn our plans into reality!
I'm interested in cars, apartments design, follow fashion, interested in creating their own computer programs. Since childhood, I love to read books. Books of various genres relaxes me and is immersed in a different world. I love books
Notre Dame Cathedral, I know, and I re-read from time to time of the Constitution of Ukraine, the Labor Code, Rules of the Road :)))) My favorite music: Pop music