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56 kg (123 lbs)
167 cm (5'6'')
English, Russian
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Christian - General
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Why are you here?
I am looking for a decent man who loves kids. I do not need a fairy Prince, I want him to be a normal person with whom we will cook together, play with my son, laugh or will not matter what we do we will be happy doing anything. I need a man who also values such moments. I wish him to be my friend and my best partner and my strong shoulder. Someone who can lift my spirits when I am totally down and want to cry. He will be the only one to put a smile on my face. He should know for sure what he wants in life. This type of man will become my great love for life!
Your character
For me happiness is in simple things like family, relationships, trust, love... Maybe you think different? Tell me!
I am a reliable friend, passionate and trustworthy partner and all I need is a reliable man in my life who will be my Universe and
good example for my child. I adore nature, music, theater, yoga. I prefer to spend time with friends or family in my free time.
I do my best and develop myself, always hungry for new information. I love to cook and read. I know my kind and passionate heart can make a man happy, so here I am and looking for you, my one and the only!
I never give up on being happy! I believe that some people come to our life and go and only one person will stay forever and will change life for better. So I am here to find this man and be the same for him. Be his most reliable partner and
friend, his tender and loving wife. I know value of love and will never let him down and will try to make his each day better! I love to cook, love to travel, really want to do things together, surprise each other nomatter what. Life is so precious, so I want us to spend it in complete love. Life is great if you make others feel happier)