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I am looking the kind, true and honest man which is the wise in the life and the noble in the actions with the sincere, clean thoughts in the all... It not important how many beautiful women the man had before met me because i usually believed that the number of the women which never make the man a wise man in the life... I am looking a man with a big and kind heart for whom i will be the most unique and beloved woman in the life... I need in the most lovely man in my life who will be the gently caress and the sweet kiss me who will be to love me every day of my life... I am looking the romantic man who will be the most sensitive and gently at the romantic evenings, the passionate and delicate at the wonderful nights of love... I am searching the serious man who does not afraid will connect his life with the honest, the true and the family oriented woman in the church before the God after a long-term serious relation. I need the man who will believe together with me in the sincere, clean love can born and to live when the two loving hearts cherish each other in the love all life, when the woman borns kids in the love and marriage, when both wish to live together all the long life with the shoulder in the shoulder of each other! I believe in this is the happiness of family life and if i was not right where i was wrong????
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I am a single lonely woman in the life which is looking a man for the love and serious relation on this magnificent site where the lonely hearts reunite in one the beautiful couple. I live alone and it is really a very sad to stay alone every long and lonely evening in my home. A couple of years ago, i tried to watch the movies about the love because i wanted to decorate my lonely evenings after work. And every time when i watched the films i dreamed about the pure love and true feelings in my life... But how it the sad hear... Unfortunately the love did not attend me the last three years and my quest a decent man did not have the success during the last years. Besides i had a lot work with the land and animals on the farm until the late evening... So my lonely years passed without love ...
The feminine beauty is not eternal and spiritual world always remains inside the woman regardless of her age. A good woman is always a decent woman in everything: her appearance, in her communication and behavior with a man. A woman which respects herself will never show her body in the underwear in the front of all men. It is will never do the serious woman in her searches a man for love, serious relation and for marriage too. If a woman respects herself, she will respect her future man too. A good woman should be wise and educated in the life, intelligent in the conversation with man so when the woman try to jokes in the communication with the man she looks like in the show of clowns for the laugh!)..
I love Ukraine because our country has a great spiritual world which reveale through the rich ukrainian culture and her the chic and colorful traditions. Since ancient times the women in our family to embroidered with the cross on the white pillows, sheets and shirts. I to embroider and knit too! My love to embroidery originated from my grandmother which embroidered the beautiful flowers on her the luxury bedding...
I believe that every young woman should be the beautiful lady not only in the externally but she must has the inside beauty too. A woman should have a rich spiritual world which filled with her love to the country and culture and traditions of the country where she live because if a woman maintains the traditions of the country she will respect and keep the traditions of her family and the family traditions of her future man too. I support the idea if the ukrainian women will be do not forget to support the tradition of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and they will be to embroider like me!)) Sometimes the great achievements of the whole country start with the smallest that will get the biggest in the finish...