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We all dream about the same about ..)) About warm, understanding, caring, affection, comfort, compatibility ... That everyone wants a normal person. The man of my dreams? This athletic man with lively gleam in his eyes .For me the main thing is the inner world of man. He must have a sense of humor and be an interesting conversationalist. Man of my dreams. The best in the world, generous, warm-hearted, intelligent, beautiful, Tall, broad shoulders, his face open, his eyes large, medium lips, medium build, wearing a tasteful, constantly fascinated me, madly in love with me, given me the most beautiful, intelligent and charming, it is important to very important for all of it to be person, trust, having masculine qualities (strength, decent, kind, light, airy) ..
Your character
What can I tell you about myself? My name is Elena and I am 24 years old. I study and work and I really love my load because it never does not bother me to enjoy every day. I am always open to new and always strive to before, and I believe that you can actually do more and my motto: "Live here - and now" I can not live without inspiration, it nourishes me and that my energy. Inspire me even moments I look in the circle, I admire memorable, sometimes I think that my brain is visited by thousands of thoughts per minute, which is great. I lead a healthy lifestyle. Sport helps to be in a good mood and helps maintain himself in great shape. I believe that the most important thing is the people desire, and move in front and not stand still, I'm sure that everyone in this life can achieve something important just wants to do. Do not stop and bring the matter to the end.
In my spare time I love to read)) my favorite writer Paulo Coelho and his favorite book "The Alchemist" I love to play sports and at the same time listening to music.