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Taisia 35

Cherkassy, Ukraine

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Why are you here?
I am easy-going, open and sincere, serious man to create a happy world for the two of us. I want both of us have created our special chemistry and attraction, things that will grow bigger every day. I never make lists of pros and cons, because for me every single human being consists only of interesting points that I would like to know and accept. And this is the reason why I will not talk about the shortcomings, because the concentration of the shortcomings and disadvantages are not close with a positive attitude.
I'd be happy to hear from you, Sincerely Taya.
Your character
I am very cheerful, sociable, even-tempered woman. I well find a common language with people. I'm always in harmony with itself, I think it's very important. I like to travel with loved ones. Every day I listen to music, I can not live without it. Just reading books is my hobby, as a rule, I read them before sleep. I enjoy running in the morning. It makes me healthy, and helps me to keep myself in shape. I try to realize themselves in various activities. I always try to be cheerful and lively. I am romantic and energetic young woman. Everyone says that I have a very sweet and seductive smile that gives people pleasure. My other half, my pair, somewhere in this vast world, and I am waiting for him with my open heart and true feelings. I'll be happy to share with my beloved man a romantic dinner prepared by my hands, a family vacation during our weekend, as well as watching movies or going to the theater together. I want to build a strong family, strong as granite and harmonious, like a fairy tale! :)))
I love when the sky is half asleep and the air is so fresh and clean. I love the night, when the rain outside the window, and I stand by the window and watch the people who are in a hurry on a romantic date in the rain, and at a meeting kiss each other, standing under one roof. I love the warm cozy atmosphere at home when the golden light from a window invites you to come home and fill your heart with faith and concern, from the fact that you are not alone, and you know that you are loved and welcome. I'm interested in philosophy, collect rare items, I love to travel on the ship.