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Anastasiya 22

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

ID: 418302

Why are you here?
I think like each person who is here, I am here by the same reason - to meet MY PERSON !! My man is strong. He is my air and breath. He is the man who will make me smile when I feel sad, who can cuddle me and warm me up when it’s cold outside. He can talk to me without saying a word as he can read me by my eyes. This the picture of man I want to have next to me in my life.
I think that one thing can scare you and this is my age… right? You know, age is age, but my inner world is different. I am young but not so young as it can seem.
And you know what I want to say, before to make conclusions we should take a chance and only then we will see who young and who is not. Never try, never know right my dear Adult and very Wise man! So what is you decision about me?)))
Your character
I am young, beautiful and full of life and energy woman! I am very different and used to follow my heart. I never hide my feelings and emotions. If I feel sad I don’t hide my tears, if I feel happy you will see the most sincere smile you even seen before. I am open and optimistic. I never give up move to my dreams. I live right now and right here but I do have a lot of plans for future and each day I woke up with thoughts that today I will make another step to make my dream come true, then I smile and the day become really great!
Despite on my young age, I am very serious and sometimes I can be too serious. I used to think about future or some global things. Sometimes I like to stay on my own and put my thought together.
But at all, I am very sincere woman who likes to be happy with each moment she has in her life!
Better ask me what I don’t like to do!)) I am kind of person who likes to try something new in life! There is no measure for me to grow up and open new horizons. So what do I like? Music, dances, sport (you can see it in my profile)))) I like to travel, I like to walk, I like to eat))) Haha, yeah I am a great lover to eat something really tasty and not very healthy sometimes.
There is a lot of things I like but we can discuss it in private. It will be much better, right?)
By my real passiona are photo and sport!!! Oh I love stop and go in for it since childhood. I am kind of lady whom it is used to calle Fitness-Beauty