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Zodiac sign
58 kg (128 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
English level
Current occupation
restaurant chain manager
Marital status
Never married
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
Will you date a smoker?
Not filled
Do you have children?
Why are you here?
To meet you in real life and make you believe in love that's why I'm here !!!
I am charismatic person. I may be different. Sometimes I am calm, sometimes very active. In every situation I always find positive moments, and I can find exit from many of them.. I am strong but I so much want to be weak in your arms.:) And like any woman I have sensitive and romantic soul. I am happy when flowers without reason and breakfast in the bed. I like to meet sunrise and see the sunset in hugs of beloved man. My soul wants to find peace in a reliable and faithful relationship. I need my man. I need a family. Home holidays, family evenings, hugs, kisses, and just warm relations. People say that I'm not just an ordinary woman and that I deserve some special destiny, but I believe that all people are equal
and have the same rights on happiness. I am confident that the best is ahead. I will definitely be happy :)

What kind of man I am looking for? I have an answer! I am looking for mature and kind man, who knows how to love a woman, who can understand me as well. I want to love I wish to find my life
partner, my future husband who would love and respect me for who I am with all my dignities and faults! Yes,nobody is perfect and everyone has his faults! I don't set any limits to man, I can accept everything except lie and betray. I want him to become my real partner for the whole life! He is romantic man, who is able to do something crazy for me :) I dream to fill my life with love and care. And I hope you can help me to make my dream true :) I need the strong man i seek. The man who will look at my with eyes of smouldering desire, the man who will not lie, cheat or disrespect our love. I am the man who will touch your body in ways that ignite explosions of passion and ecstacy. Will
you ask for my love, will you work to keep it, will you wrap me in your passion in a way that makes me never want to leave? Come get me.... I am waiting. My man is the best. Because he's mine :)
Your character
I need stability! Stability in bed...) and stability in relationships )
No, I'm here not for fun and I'm not interested to change partners...
I am a normal woman - I try to look good and also do not forget about those qualities that are important for a man, a family.
I keep my house clean and I well cooked. It's not difficult, because it brings me pleasure))
I'm frank with everyone, and I expect this from others.
But I need a man who will give me confidence in the future and protect from everything in his warmest embrace and never let me go.
I am kind, but strict!) Beautiful, but faithful!) Tender and caring!)
I believe that life is a gift. And we should value every minute of it.
I have strong values in life and want to create a strong happy couple! I easily make friends and trust people. I am a devoted friend, always ready to help. Yes, I am very positive person and I like to take everything from this life. I never waste my time, and I try to enjoy every minute of this life) and I don’t like to be upset, because there are so many nice and optimistic things in this life, which we need to enjoy and don’t be upset)
So, you can always see beautiful smile on my face)))) And be sure, that I can lift your mood with my funny jokes) I am also very serious person and if I have some goals in this life – I always try to reach them. But I am not perfect and I think that the worse feature of my character is being very curious sometimes)
Now, I am very curious to know more about you!) Are you ready?
I am an optimist, I am never sad and never give up!!!
I enjoy romantic music and slow dancing. I prefer romantic, attractive, affectionate relationship... I believe that romance is a very important part of the relationship.
I’m an ardent fan of theater, so whenever I have free time I go to see an opera or a musical. Also I’m a cinema-goer. So I’m into art trying to keep up with the latest interpretations, plays, movies and so on.
I like travelling, because it’s a great way to learn about places, people and their lives. And, of course, it’s a great way to recharge your batteries!:) I have been in Turkey, Egypt, Emirates, Russia. I dream to visit Japan, Chile, India)) I love hourse riding, singing in karaoke clubs, I like to skiing in the winter... My favorite activity to drive a car. I love speed on the road. I like long journeys. I
adore to cook so much! I am sure that for my men I'll cook the most delicious dishes.)I will be happy to surprise my man with delicious dishes.