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54 kg (119 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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Why are you here?
They say that in order for a person to want something, he must feel the need for it. Well, here I will describe why you need me;)

1. Do you want to have delicious dinner every day? I cook better than you! I guarantee it.
2. Do you constantly lose your sock? With me you will always have clean socks in one place! lol
3. Do you want a pleasant relaxation after work? I offer a whole range of services to satisfy any desires!
4. You need someone with whom you can watch a dramatic film and cry without shame - oh, I will never tell your friends about it! ;) Besides, I will appreciate your sensitive heart.
5. Do you want to be just a happy person and share your happiness in a cozy corner with a beloved person? - I'm the girl who dreams about it every day and is ready to do any risky things to achieve this goal.

And to get it all - just contact me and tell me what you need the most from this? ;)
Your character
Intelligent and having good education! Since childhood I knew that I want to work as a dentist or a doctor and to cure people! I graduated from the Medical academy and now work as a dentist I know ho to work hard and I am not afraid of work! There was period in my life when I slept for 6 hours per day, all other time I spent in the academy, in the clinics and in the library! Thanks God that period has ended and now I can concentrate on family.
What else to say? I am romantic, many-sided person. I believe in true love... and know that in spite of difficulties real love is unconditional!!! I hope here I will find a person who I will discover new sensations for the two of us with.
Did I interest you? Write me!!
I have many interests, I like to try something new. I am open to a new, unknown .. I like healthy life style, discipline, having all things in order. Starting from the table to the wallet. I like Japanese life style, culture and how well organized and well balanced their life is! I have read books of many Japanese writers and one day I dream to visit this country!