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172 cm (5'8'')
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Tatiana 22

Zaporozhye, Ukraine

ID: 428385

Why are you here?
You know that I had a dream of you? Every day I live with one thought - to have life with man who can take my hand and create our own paradise - with sunsets and sunrises, with laught and dreams, with one goal for whole life. I want to wake up in the morning and know that you are here, that you are with me. I am seeking not for ideal man without mistakes, but for person who lives with no borders, who does not speak but DO! If you are ready to make steps on the path to happiness with me, only write me!
Hope that I will not wait for a long time, my Hero!
Your character
When you see me, first of all, look into my eyes! They can't lie, they can't be angry..only for a little, when people are angry to me too ;) My smile, do you like it? I am here, in this life, to make people smile, to make all the days better and more colourful! I am teacher of painting, so I paint every moment in different colours, I don't sit at one place...only if I want to have a cup of hot chocolate, would you join me? When you speak to me, you will understand that I am not ordinary girl! Yes, I have rats in the attic :) But, if not, is it normal to be boring person? It is not about me! I am ready for your entry into my life, I am ready to divide my days with you!
I am quite young you may think. But I am the one who is serious about feelings. I know how painful it can be when your feelings are hurt. And I would never like to cause such pain to another person. I am open to new events in my life. I am ready for changes and i have big heart with a lot of love in it!