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68 kg (150 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
English, Russian, Ukrainian
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Never married
Christian - General
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Anastasia 23

Odessa, Ukraine

ID: 430209

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Why are you here?
I want to find a man who will understand me and whom I will show myself real without any masks. A man should be my friend, soul mate. I want to find a real man who will protect me, take care of me, and not want to drag me only to bed. I want to find a person with whom you can have fun in the morning or do something interesting, and in the evening to cook dinner together and lie in the arms and watch a movie.
And of course, the main thing in a relationship is trust. I need to know that I have the person to whom I can tell everything in the world and he will listen to me and give advice.
Your character
I have a very interesting character, I'm fighting ice and fire. I can be passionate, emotional, and can be closed from all, very vulnerable. I rarely open my soul, telling secrets, there are just a couple of friends who know me. In other moments I'm a good listener. But I want to find a man who I will be interesting and want to share everything) I have many interests, many thoughts, even if they are funny, but I want to make my man laugh.
I went to the theater group to get rid of such a complex as shyness. And it helped me, but not until the end. Maybe will you help me? I love to dance under incendiary Latin music. I love to draw, I'm very creative. I love nature, for me, it is better to go somewhere in the forest, on the beach, than to go to a club or cafe.
Sincere, honest, tender lady with a good sense of humor. Want to Love and to be Loved!