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online Marina
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51 kg (112 lbs)
167 cm (5'6'')
English level
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TV host, singer, model
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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Why are you here?
Most of all I would appreciate in my man his honesty , humbleness, kindness , warmness, values, virtues and how he treat people. Secondly i would appreciate and would love strength and courage. hehehe))) , do not misunderstood strength and courage i mean who are family oriented and respect his woman and can keep there women in there safety and warmness. He will let me know he is thinking of me when we are not together, put in the time and effort to make me feel wanted. I am looking for someone I can look up to.Only sincerity and trustworthiness can help to create a real family which i also look in my man. Most important he should not be a ABUSER or ADDICT!
Your character
I was thinking how to describe myself for a long time and the best way to do it is to say that I am a person who likes life. Every new day brings a smile to my face and I want to live in the best way and take everything from my life as it is so short. I want to enjoy every breath, every sunray and every moment. A strange passion is moving in my head and soul . My heart is like a bird which searches in the sky. Every part of me goes in different directions. Is it really so that the one I love i want to take hold and Fly with him forever. I wish I could show you...the astonishing light of my own being. would you like to join ? I am an energetic, determined, grave, frank and simultaneously very sensitive lady. I am also compassionate, extremely committed, and devoted.I always put faithfulness and honesty on the first place in the list of my priorities. As every young lady, I appreciate reliability, kindness, humbleness and strength in my man to loosen up in his arms ..I'm more a giver than a taker. I appreciate sincere and outgoing people because I'm the same. I like communicating with new interesting people. I want to fall in love . i think love is never offered to the mouth of a Stranger but One special someone Who has the valor and daring ....
Are you the One ?
I prefer active Life and I think that traveling is one of the active ways to lead and explore new culture , traditions and places. I like sports because it helps to keep fit, to stay in good shape and in a good mood .Everyday I do exercises and like to work out at gym when i get time .Beside Active life , I like dancing and singing very much! It helps not only to keep fit but also to express my mind. I always like trying something new and getting a new experience in a good spirit Of course it would be much more interesting to experience new things with my soul mate and I hope to find him here :)In my spare time I like to read books, it can be from romantic to Thriller novels. I believe that reading refreshes mind and open feelings and emotionals. Not the least but important I also like to go shopping , not just clothing but Grocessiers also ))