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Yulia 36

Kiev, Ukraine

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Why are you here?
If you are looking for new sensations in life, аnd you do not want to meet the same type of pages, then stop looking further every day, or every other babe...Maybe you are the one I need, I’m just like you here looking for a love. What I wait from my search here and from my beloved? I want you to dominate in our relationship. I will respect your individuality,goals, personality, character, dreams. . Tell me about your desires,I will try to make them come true. I do not know if I can be the perfect woman for you, but a lover for sure.Ready to consider the options of moving to you or meet you.
So, here is first task for you.. Write what you think about me - in three sentences...
Your character
I am not an angel with white wings and nimbus above my head, as we all I have both my ups and downs. My character consists of absolutely different features and that's why it is hard for me to describe mself! My children (they are twins) say I am the most charming, kindest and best mom in the world! They make me happy and better person, they have changed lots in my life and made it better, Unfortunatelly, I could not save my marriage, both, me and my huaband made some mistakes in it. I was taught and I hope my future marriage will be better.
I'm fond of jogging, doing sport, taking care of myself so my motto is a healthy way of life. I graduated like economist but changed my job. Right now I work in beauty industry and I love what I do a lot! Most of all I like to spend time outdoors, traveling and exploring new things in my life. I have been to many different countries, for example to Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Chech
Umm, I also love cooking! I want to pamper my beloved man with my culinary masterpieces. In Ukraine there is a saying "The Way to a man's heart is through his stomach", I am ready to win way into your heart and be tender and gentle with your arms!