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I am a gentle and affectionate girl. My life goes on, my couple did not appear on my life path and I decided that I needed to change my life on this dating website for singles! I want to be happy, and you? Recently walking down the street I met an elderly people, they was so cute, talking and holding hands! They laughed when I said they were the most beautiful ones, I've ever seen But the emotions coming from them was proof of my words. I think to carry the feeling through life and not lose it is the most important thing in life. I want to find on this website the man with whom we will be as one. It's true! I'd love to hear from you and to know you better. Write me about your desires, maybe they are common for us.
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I think that i am not just simple blond woman, i think that i have fire in my heart ,i mean in positive sense of this word. If i am going to burn someone, i will bring only positive moments into the life of this person and take away everything bad. My friends and my family love me, because they say i am like the Sun in rainy day, warm everyone with my smile and give some hope for the better. I also have some goal and i am trying to reach it. Maybe i can sound like a woman with passionate personality, but at the same time i feel myself very tender and i know that i need someone who will keep me warm and beloved.
I am sincere single woman seeking for a man. I would like so much to find romantic man, with whom we can enjoy every moment together. Do you want know me better in chat or letter? Maybe we search each other all life? Do you believe in fate? Let's discuss it. Do you want love and be loved? I wait you in my life!