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54 kg (119 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
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Christian - General
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Valeriya 20

Donetsk region, Ukraine

ID: 436125

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Why are you here?
As strange as it sounds but I don’t have a type that I find attractive. I know it may sound cliché but it is actually the personality and his mind that I find alluring and attractive. Someone can be the most handsome person ever but have the personality of a pebble, which will most definitely not stir any interest from me because I am looking for someone whom I can grow with emotionally, physically and mentally with. Someone whom I can share a joke with, or an idea or anything that comes up in life and know that he will support, guide and inspire me to be the best I can and to always know that I have his support in me and my decisions. Of course I wish to find someone who is loyal, caring, loving, honest and generous with his emotions towards me.
Your character
I am a fun loving, intelligent and hard working person. I like to spend my time in the way that makes me happy and feel fulfilled! I enjoy exploring new things and seeing new places, so it is no wonder that I enjoy travelling. I am a unique woman for my age because I am a lot wiser and more understanding than most of my peers. Simple things in life inspire me and make me smile. I value greatly respect, honesty and openness in others as well as positivity and humor. You know what I actually adore laughing and joking around. having a light hearted attitude to life, it has actually taught me not to take myself too seriously and enjoy every single snippet of life that comes my way and the new things that I learn and experience.  I am hardworking, intelligent, loyal and incredibly giving and dedicated to succeed in my search for happiness. 
In my spare time I like to be active. I am mostly in the gym or jogging in the parks. Apart from sport I also enjoy reading, movies, culture, travelling, cooking and dancing. I like to learn new things so if an opportunity is there I grab it with both hands.