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I would like to meet a loving man who is spiritual and kind. Not a game player or a man with tattoos! A man who is with a child or not - it is not important. Age is not important either if it is not for you. I do not mind a thick man or Asian or Latin man... Lots of specifics of your profile are not so important as what is in your heart. I would rather stop and explore what is your heart. That is much more important for me! I hope you have a good heart and also you are honest.
As you read my interests you might understand why I would like my beloved to be interested into making little tour by bicycle, hiking, nature, gardening. cooking. Also I am looking for a man who believes in God and goes to church from time to time...
Your character
Hi men!:...... I am just a simple, kind and loving girl. Have been single for two years after the divorce.. too long:) After the divorce I was back home where I live with my mom and younger brother (he is younger me for almost 19 years!) He is very nice boy and I help my mom raising and taking care about him a lot. My dad died, we miss him a lot and that was the biggest lost in my life. .
More good stuff........I graduated from economical university and work in the bank sphere. My job supposes me communicating a lot during the day that is why it requires me to have lots of energy. I lead healthy life style and try to spend as much time on the nature as possible! My favorite things beyond my family is foreign travel, especially going mountain trekking. Do not have any bad habits or addictions. I do not do alcohol, except wine at restaurant meals.
We both know that we could communicate with 101 letters and maybe become people who are somewhere between a stranger and a friend. Only a real meeting, at some romantic destination will work for me. A place like Paris, Prague, Venice or Sharm el Sheik. Want to meet now?
I am very active and do lots of different kinds of sport: I practice yoga, like riding by bicycle, roller skating and skiing.
Another my passion - I enjoy riding by motorbikes and I would like to ride with my beloved in future! Several times I fell during the ride, injured myself but that did not stop my love and passion for riding. I am a very good horse rider and in my childhood I even rode without a saddle) You can see I am a girl that likes taking a risk that is why I am here and looking for a man abroad! To join on line dating also means risk, do you agree?
My favorite things beyond my family will be foreign travel ( I have been to Austria and I am amazed with this country!), especially going mountain trekking, sleeping in the tent, camping Do not have any bad habits or addictions. I do not do alcohol, except wine at restaurant meals.