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53 kg (117 lbs)
165 cm (5'5'')
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Never married
Christian Scientist
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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Why are you here?
You never know where you can meet your Love: on the street, in the Internet, in public transport or bar. I dont like bars, I dont believe in happy story of the street acquaintance, that is why I am here. Because I believe that through the sincere communication people can try to know each other better, even better than they can know each other for years. I am the girl with the old-fashioned views on family and relations and life in general. I think that a man shall be Husband from the big letter: he shall be faithful, responsible for his dear people,he shall protect and be romantic and passionate. A woman shall be a Wife from the big letter: supportive, caring, loving and faithful always. Any relations shall start from trust. It is easy to mix love with the blind passion, but I am sure that I will not do it: because first I want to feel my soul mate with my heart, and I am sure that I can feel it, because I have very strong inner intuition. I will give all my tender and loving heart to one man, who will become the protector, Lover, and the best friend for the whole life. I want to go through my life's path together with the true man, who never hurt, but can just make me happy.
Your character
Everything you shall know about me that I am modest, soft, lyrical and very positive woman. I am from the simple and well bred family, and I appreciate everything that life gives to me. My inner world is feminine and romantic. I always believe in sincerity and kindness in people. I am creative and open minded Lady. I never give up and I always try to reach my goals.I like to bring use, beauty in this world. I am communicative and kind-hearted. I do not like loneliness. I am fond of smiling and having fun. I like gathering friends at my home, cooking tasteful dishes, listening to the joyful music. I am devoted, faithful, and soulful lady, who believes in True Love. I know that nothing is casual in this life, and everything has its sense. I registered at this site, with hope and belief to meet my second half. I do not like to be boring and sad, I am always life s loving and positive. Friends say that my smile can warm the whole world.
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