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53 kg (117 lbs)
163 cm (5'4'')
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Never married
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Why are you here?
My whole life I had a dream to have a family. My own family. You know, many girls played to be an actress or singer. Most of my games were about being a wife and mother. To clean the house, to cook the dinner and so on.
In my country guys of my age are not really serious about marraige. They are not even serious about serious relations! And I have a hope to meet a serious man with serious intentions here. It would be fine if he is more mature than me. It means he has a life experience and knows what the woman needs. I would always be pampered and protected from life storms.
Your character
In fact, you know me for a long time already. You used to know me your whole life even. And maybe you met me in your previous life. I am the girl of your dream! You could imagine me with another eyes color, or with the hair being red or black. You could imagine me being tall and slim or short and athletic. You could hear my voice in your mind or never imagine how I sound.
But now, when you see my photo and read this, what kind of feeling do you have? Does it feel like your heart is trembling? It is because your soul remembers mine. And long to be together in this life again.
Do you still want to waste our time? Hope not.
When I say I dream to have a family and to be a good wife, it doesn't mean that my interests are limited only with house-children-kitchen. I have various hobbies and interests.
I love to travel, to see new places and meet new people. To learn about ancient history and admire the sculpture and art. To see an amazing architecture and listen to a wonderful music. To eat new dishes and enjoy new drinks.To meet new people and learn their culture and traditions.
I also love to read and watch interesting movies. To share my impressions with my friends and family. But I would like there is a special man, who would be my best company for all these activities!