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53 kg (117 lbs)
171 cm (5'7'')
Russian, Ukrainian
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Never married
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Why are you here?
I'm quick on my toes and I'm so opened to the new ideas. Do you have any? Are you the same? I would like to know it when you send me your letter. Also, you need to mention if you like going out, cooking together, visiting theaters and museums or simple pillow fights)) Oh, and I like to sing and dance at home! I guess this is one of my flaws. What do you think of a woman who dances and sings when she's cooking? Please, I need to know it when you write me.
I would like you to be my hero :-) And do you know what it means? I want you to be honest, opened, caring and very loving in relationships. And this is what I call a real hero! A hope to find him here brought me to this site. I'm eager to have a man by my side, and this man has to be true and sincere in everything he does or says. I don't like those who take people for granted, cheats or tells lies. It’s important for me to know and feel that my man loves me truly. So when you write me, don't be perfect! I want you to be yourself! And this is what I'll wait from you. Where are you my hero?
Your character
If you want to know what kind of woman I am you will have to send me a letter because it will take several long letters to explain it all. I can only tell you briefly now. Want to know more? Ask me :-)
I think sitting still is a waste of time. And I have something people call a “travel bug”. I see no reason to sit at home and become a couch potato when there's so many wonders in the world! :) Besides, I sit too much at home when I do my arts work. I'm not going to travel all my life and one day I have to settle down so at the moment I just want to get a lot of memories when I get older :) Wasting time is not something I like. I am just so full of life!)
I am a real Artist, I love to paint and I want to have my life full of different patterns :) I promise you won't be bored with me and I am only interested if you're willing to try?