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online Ksenia
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60 kg (132 lbs)
175 cm (5'9'')
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I work as a makeup artist
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Why are you here?
I see my future husband as an appropriate and serious person with whom I will feel protected. I don’t care how old he is and how he looks. For me, mutual feeling is more important. I want to give all my feelings to the one whom I will love and feel it mutually. It is very important to know about each other in order to fall in love. I am looking for a real man, one of only one in a million! A man who is just for me. I am looking for an independent, passionate person. I hope to share the secret and adventure of my life with him. Each goal can be achieved together. I really believe in the chemistry of love. Would you like this to be our common goal?
Your character
People often call me an energetic, calm and friendly person. Since childhood, I believe that every dream will come true one day: all you need is to be positive and take some actions, such as self-development. My holiest desire is to find love for life. Look into my eyes. It is often claimed that they are a mirror of the soul. My gaze reflects the romantic and bearing nature. I will be completely loyal to the one I love. You would definitely feel surprised if you saw me. My sweet, would you like to become my chosen one and make our desires come true? If you noticed my ideal shapes in the photographs, I must tell you that I always follow myself. You will not be disappointed when you test it in life.
Traveling, cooking, stretching, self-development