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online Victoria
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49 kg (108 lbs)
156 cm (5'1'')
English, Russian, Ukrainian
English level
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Not filled
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Why are you here?
I'm not looking for a shy boy. It is important for me to feel that a man takes the initiative. I am attracted to the experience and mind in men. It is important for me to feel beside myself a confident in hisself and feelings man. When I feel the sincerity and true intentions of a man, I will blossom like a young flower. I want to show the different sides of my melodic, vulnerable, but at the same time tough and strict soul for someone who deserves and will appreciate it. One of the main factors in the relationship for me is respect. I demand a lot from myself, and I would like to see a worthy man nearby me, for whom I will be a muse. I want to be the same reverent inspiration for a man who will make him in any situation take all his strength into a fist and strive for new heights. I want to reveal my romance and care, to meet with a warm dinner and passionate hugs, to surprise with adult reasoning and a sharp tongue.
Your character
I'm not looking for a shy boy. It is important to me. I am a pretty confident girl and I clearly know what I want. I like to set goals for myself and look for ways to achieve them. It is important for me to feel a strong man next to me, mentally and physically. I am a sociable girl, but it’s not easy for me to open up to completely new people. I am quite developed in different areas of life, and I always liked to learn something new, which I had not met before. Thanks to this, I can support any topic in the conversation. I want to be loved and appreciated not only for my appearance, but also for what I keep inside myself,in my sould. I am interested in psychology and esoterics. It is interesting for me to observe human behavior and the imbalance in the difference in the life statuses of each of us, to see the reaction of people to certain situations. One of the main qualities that my friends value me is my sense of humor. Every day I have to shine with a smile, which I also give to others. I live by the principle of "here and now", we live now and it is important not to waste our time and enjoy life completely, diving into a storm of emotions, love, care.
I love to play sports. It is important for me to maintain my figure and feel sexy at 100%. I like to spend my evenings watching movies, and I would like to do it not alone, but holding the palm of my beloved man. I like taking pictures, as well as taking pictures of someone. I feel sorry for stray animals, so I try to help them whenever possible. I feed stray animals on the street.