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48 kg (106 lbs)
168 cm (5'6'')
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Angelina 26

Dneprodzerzhinsk, Ukraine

ID: 467625

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Why are you here?
Let me see, I believe I am looking for a spark in the beginning. I want to see happiness, devotion, respect, beauty, an equal attraction to one another and similar desire when I look at my man! Becoming good friends is very important to me, good friends that know everything about each other, share everything and support one another all the time. I think tha it is the perfect ground for a solid long term relationship!I am looking for interesting, honest man with good sense of humor and who loves kids. I like to associate with polite and intelligent people, I appreciate sincerity and trust.
Your character
What can I say about me? Among my close people I am known as a kind, sincere and caring person. I try to be attentive, to help whenever I can. It is a great pleasure for me to make people around me happy! I always try to be concentrated only on positive emotions. That`s why I`m always in good mood! I like to make acquaintances with new people, because I am sociable and friendly. But I need to see that I can trust a person before I will open my heart to him. I hate lies and insincerity, because I myself prefer not to lie and be honest about my feelings. I like being in the nature, long walks, sea, sun make me calm and fill me with good emotions for a whole day! So, I must I am very romantic, feminine and loving. I want to take care about my man, children. It is so wonderful to be with people who you love with all your heart! Looking at my pics you probably see an angel. Well, you are half right. But do not let that fool you! There is the other side of my personality. There is that little hot devil hiding in me. And all I need is the right man to reveal it! But hey, don not get too scared, I got my horns off today, so if you hurry up and write soon you might meet this better part of me, though who knows, maybe you like it when it?s a little hot and spicy?
I like good music, interesting movies, books and magazines. I love cooking and looking after myself. I adore little kids and can not resist their smiles