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Viktoriya 32

Nikolaev, Ukraine

ID: 489673

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Why are you here?
My man must be kind and attentive to me. There were enough angry and overly serious people in my life. This man of dreams should appreciate the girl, love with all his heart, without falsehood and cunning. A responsible and purposeful man will become a good husband and a reliable father. It would be wonderful if my man loved my son as well. I really appreciate loyalty, so I always prefer to look for the same person as me. It seems to me that treason is poison for the family and I will not tolerate if a man will poison our future with his temporary whims. I am ready to love a person with all my heart if I feel a spiritual connection with him.
Your character
I am an ordinary Ukrainian, working girl who loves to live as she lives. I do not chase impossible dreams and prefer to achieve everything myself, living in reality. Of course, like any girl, I can be romantic, dreamy, but this does not cancel my practicality. I have a son, and I love him very much. Despite the fact that the past relationship has not developed, but I am grateful for such a wonderful child. I like to rejoice in life, I dream to go traveling, but necessarily in the company of my future lover. I like to listen to music and I will gladly share my musical tastes with my soul mate. Also, I will gladly prepare various delicious dishes for my family. I am faithful, honest, perhaps even too straightforward, but real.
I am one of those girls who loves needlework. I like embroidery paintings with threads and beads. I really like what the final result looks like, this is why the time spent is worth it. There is nothing more appeasing than in bad weather to settle in a cozy chair and draw paintings with the help of threads! I also like to cook completely different dishes: cakes, pies, pizzas. I get tasty soups, so I can treat my man to a real Ukrainian borsch.