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170 cm (5'7'')
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Christian - General
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I am looking for an intelligent, charismatic, self-confident but also sensitive to a woman, a man. A person who is not afraid to show his weakness. You can trust. Who will not be shy about expressing his feelings, will be unexpected and caring. So that the relationship with this man was a union in which both of us could develop and complement each other.
Your character
I am a girl with light brown hair and gray-blue eyes, a slender figure. I like to keep myself in shape and do yoga and stretching, I like to meditate. I love camping, picnic, fishing and camping. I like the feeling of extreme, so if I see rides I will definitely ride on them, I love water parks, rope jumping. What about you, do you like outdoor activities? I like the feeling of extreme, so if I see rides I will definitely ride on them, I love water parks, rope jumping. I like to drink green tea, coffee too, but not more than two cups a day. I am a terrible sweet tooth, probably you cannot say that by my figure I really like to eat delicious food, I consider eating a ritual. I like to do self-improvement, be it analyzing my actions and words, reading articles on behavioral psychotherapy. By the type of personality I consider myself an ambivert, this is a person who loves to communicate with people, but he quickly runs out of battery and needs to be recharged in the form a quiet place to relax. I respect animals, I always feed stray cats and dogs. My dream is to travel a lot, learn the culture and customs of other nations, eat national food, watch architectural monuments, and enjoy the beauty of this world with my beloved. I believe that a person who is in love looks at the world with different eyes, colors are brighter, feelings are sharper. I want to find a man with whom my life will sparkle with new colors.
marriage, communication, friendship