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57 kg (126 lbs)
176 cm (5'9'')
English, Russian, Ukrainian
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exhibition organizer
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Never married
Christian - General
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Not smoking
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It’s clear that I’m looking for the man…but I want to be with a MAN, who knows what he want, and what the most important, how to treat his woman. Just love me and I’ll love YOU back…
Your character
Privet to everyone! As I suppose, if I want to find a rich guy from abroad, I should begin my description like “I’m a very kind, attractive, loyal, sincere, sensitive woman…you won’t find the such woman as me”…as the majority of the women on this site do this…but it’s so boring! :) Don’t you think so? Of course, we’re all unique…we all can be kind, positive, open-minded and so on! But we have here the same goals – we’re looking for love. And now the most important what we’re ready to do for this love, that both were satisfied to the fullest? How we are going to keep this feeling? I’m a very passionate person, so be ready, that I’m going to extinguish our flame of love with gasoline and not otherwise! After you’ll see my videos, and talk to me, you’ll find out that almost all the time I’m in a very positive and playful mood. I like to make people smile, to bring in their hearts the feeling of easiness and happiness…but, please, even don’t think to play with my feelings, because I have pretty long nails to leave some scratches on your skin… ;) But after all…let’s get to know each other and to meet in the REAL life!!! What? You're ready for that? Then I’m waiting for your letter. ;) Don't hesitate to write to me, I'm not biting...or just a little bit. ;)
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