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51 kg (112 lbs)
172 cm (5'8'')
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house keeper
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Never married
Christian - General
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Victoriya 26

Mykolaiv, Ukraine

ID: 515171

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Why are you here?
So, as every woman I want to be happy I want to find my true love and want build happy and strong family.. I want my man to be kind devoted to his family,sincere and very open for me... And of course I think the main in relationships is to respect each other.. My wishes ... On the one hand, a simple question that is easy to answer. But I am not looking for easy ways and now I will write a dissertation on the philosophy of personality. Joke. Although, I love philosophy, but there are definitely more men!)) So, I need a Man (yes, I deliberately write with a capital letter), whom you will have a good sense of humor, a versatile view of the world, optimism and love for children ... a clown, a serious man who understands the degree of responsibility of a man in this world. In general, I changed my mind about writing a dissertationsimply - I need a person who can be a friend, partner and lover. )))
Your character
I am very open and good girl! I will come to your life and will make it sunny. yes, I am lonely now and I am looking for you to spean all my life with you. Share all moments and seconds with you. I want to travell with and make you happy everywhere. Do you know what I mean??? I am waiting for you my love! I hope we will meet so soon with you my dear! Usually, I am ashamed to talk about my personality. After all, I am a Woman, and a Woman must remain a Mystery. But here, I will make an exception and open the curtain of secrets)) By the way, speaking of secrets, I really love secrets, detectives, investigations. I love watching documentaries about mysticism and UFOs. But usually, I fill not only my brain, but also my body. I love to feel drops of the salty sea on my body, and after swimming, relaxing on the hot sand, feel it. as the gentle rays of the sun seep into my body. Also, my body loves massage and other tactile sensations. For example, the smooth touch of a hot stone, or strong
you will like our comunication )im smart and beautiful