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Zodiac sign
53 kg (117 lbs)
167 cm (5'6'')
English, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian
English level
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Marital status
Never married
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
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Not filled
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Why are you here?
Having really spent a lot of time on studying and working, I realized that a person cannot be happy only having the job of his dreams ... happiness is not in this, first of all, happiness lies in the person next to us, our partner, our soul mate. I'm here to find that soul mate.
I know exactly what I want and I strive for it in my life, I want to see a partner next to me to whom I can trust anything in my life, open up to him completely and just be happy together! I believe that a relationship is primarily a partnership, when a woman does everything for the happiness of a man, and a man does everything for the happiness of a woman, then these relationships become ideal for real!
In a relationship, you could rely on me always and at any moment, because I am very responsible and I am always ready to overcome any obstacles if necessary!
Your character
I work as a dentist and have always known what I want to do in life. I spent many years studying, residency to become the specialist that I am and this is not just a necessity for me, but also the work of my soul! I like helping people and I think this is one of my character traits.
I have a small family, my parents always supported me in all my endeavors and even when I wanted to become a doctor and most people around me did not support it, considering it a waste of time, they supported me and I am grateful to them for this all my life.
My friends describe me as gentle, funny, with a good sense of humor, an active person whom they can always rely on and always know that I will not turn their backs on them in difficult or easy times!
I am easy going and love new activities in my life.
In my free time I like to travel, I really love nature and if I have a free minute to relax somewhere by the river, lake or in the forest, then I will do it with pleasure. I also take time for my health, physical and mental, I go to the gym 3 times a week, lead a healthy lifestyle, do not smoke or drink. If you like to eat delicious food, then this will also be your positive side with me, because I love to cook, I learned this from childhood when I did it with my mother, and since the beginning of an independent life, once a week I always tried to do something unusual and unique, repeat some amazing recipe and I always succeeded) Would you like me to surprise you with the recipes of my Ukrainian cuisine? I can do it for you!
I am here to meet someone with whom I can share every day of this life, in the future I would like to live somewhere else, not in Ukraine, so I studied English and I am open to a new stage in my life! What does happiness mean to me? For me it is to see my partner smile next to me, to know that our connection is very strong and there is nothing that could tear us apart. Happiness for me is not just the world around me, it's the people around me and their importance to my heart. I value my family and in the list of my values as a person, the family has always been in the first place.