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62 kg (137 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
English level
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Private businessman
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Christian - General
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Not smoking
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Why are you here?
It is important to me that my man is caring and able to compromise. I want to motivate my man, it’s important for me to be a muse for my beloved and inspire him. An ideal relationship for me is when we are together and our eyes sparkle with happiness when we look at each other. I have no criteria for age and appearance; for me, the most important thing is how I feel next to a man and what he feels. I believe that if people really suit each other, then they simply feel good together, no matter what they do, whatever they talk about, they feel good, even when they are silent and the silence does not bother them.
Your character
I am a very romantic, charismatic and funny woman. Despite the fact that I am a very romantic and dreamy lady, at the same time I can be a strong person and perceive any life difficulties as a new lesson. All my relatives call me a wise owl and often ask me for advice. I'm the kind of person who loves to cook dinners by candlelight, walk under the stars holding hands and whisper words of love to each other. This amazing feeling called LOVE has not yet come into my life, but I believe that on a dating site I will find a man I will truly love. You can help me?
I like to do what brings both benefit and pleasure to my life!! I really love riding a bike!!! This is how I keep my body in good shape and relax, so it turns out to be useful pleasure))) Looking at me, can you say that I am athletic?))) It would be just wonderful if my man could spend this time with me with the same as enthusiastic as I am!!! Time spent together is for me the best relaxation and the most desirable pastime.