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online Ksenia
Zodiac sign
52 kg (115 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
English, German, Russian
English level
Current occupation
Marital status
Never married
Are you a smoker?
Not smoking
Will you date a smoker?
Not filled
Do you have children?
Why are you here?
Why am I here? Of course not to play. My intentions are serious. I want to find the man, who will be strong enough to protect me, passionate enough to make me tremble and fun enough to make me laugh. :)
I want to make this man feel at ease and glad. I will be his little angel who will fill his life with joy and pleasure.
Your character
I think that each girl is unique and so am I. I don't like to merge with the crowd, I like to be special. I'm a self-sufficient girl. I see my goals and I like to reach them one by one. I have a sense of humor and I'm optimistic person. I like to raise the mood of people who surround me. :)
I'm straightforward and sincere. I don't like telling lies or keeping secrets. My friends say that I'm helpful and reliable. Maybe they are right because I like to help the others. I'm outgoing, so it's easy for me to communicate and to have fun even with people whom I hardly know. ;)
Talking about interests and hobbies, I must say that I prefer outdoor activities. I'm energetic kind of person. Of course, I like playing different games, such as tennis, beach volleyball, badminton and so on. I like sports because it helps me to keep fit and to be in good shape. In summer I adore relaxing at the beach. I like both sunbathing and swimming . Water fills me with special energy. That's why summer is my favorite season.When it is raining, I like to sit at my window and to regard people in the street who are hurrying somewhere with their umbrellas or just enjoying the rain... :)
From the school I like embroidering. I do it seldom but I have a success.
Many women don't like cooking at all. That's not about me. I like to cook and to make some experiments with dishes. My family likes them and that's pleasure for me.
Also I like foreign languages and countries. It is really interesting for me. I'm learning English and German and I want to speak these two languages.

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