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53 kg (117 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
English, Russian
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Never married
Christian - General
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I'm looking for only one person, my future husband, who values family values who will respect me and my feelings, who is honest and true. I dream so much, to have a man next to me who support me, whom I could take care of as well as could put my head on his shoulder in difficult times and feel protected and safe, to feel that love me and need me .
Your character
I know how it is to be satisfied with life Very Happy Very Happy, but the truth is hard to be happy when you are alone and have no special person near and dear, which could share all the joys and sorrows of life. With an exclamation I believe in true love! I can be a good talker and listener and can easily find a common language with all people. I think this is very important in our lives. I love life, I appreciate family values, I like to create coziness. I want to be a bright and warm ray of sunshine in the life of my beloved !! I want to give all my heart and soul of a special person.
 I am very cheerful, gentle and romantic girl. Laughter and a positive image of my life! I have a great sense of humor, so I can easily get out of difficult situations with the help of positive mood and a smile on my face :)). My friends say that I am open and sincere person. I can easily communicate with people, giving them my positive energy and I give around him pacified warmth and comfort!

I'm pretty sociable, well erudite woman. I have many friends and acquaintances. I used to be surrounded by good and educated people. I also love to make new friends. I like it when people are kind, thoughtful and tolerant towards others, because you have to be able to listen to the other person before you say something .... It's a huge Talan - the ability to listen and understand !!! You agree with me ?? Many can share my interests and understand them, and some of them just do not understand. But, I think, do not condemn a man for what he has his own opinion. We are all individuals and personality!

I only have one hobby .. my biggest passion - music! I like to listen to good singers can sing karaoke herself at home or with friends. We have a specially designated area, karaoke - clubs, where people come just to relax and enjoy their favorite songs! Do you have such a place ?? As a child I dreamed of being a singer! Music accompanies me in all that I do. But I am a lawyer by profession. Excellent contrast, is not it ?? :))

Despite my hobby is quite bright, I chose a serious profession and has already started to build my career. Now I work in the court, despite the fact that more study at the University of Law. This may seem pretty boring, but it's the actual qualifications now, I think.

And finally, I will not be original to say that, like any woman I need to have a reliable, strong man next to me. I'm looking for a serious and lasting relationship. I'm really ready to start a family with near and dear to me man and be with him forever! I hope to find it here))) Tell me a little about yourself, if I were you found it interesting person to continue our relationship !!

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