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online Olga
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54 kg (119 lbs)
170 cm (5'7'')
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Christian - General
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Why are you here?
You know, no matter how strong the spirit I was not in my heart I really fragile woman who needs love and care. I need a strong man, I was able to protect me and cherish me. I'm not looking for a prince or a millionaire, I just want to meet an honest man who will love, understand and respect me. I do not expect that it will be a superman, I want a real man, but someone with whom we will see life in bright colors!
When I find my soul mate, my appendix, then I could be the sun for it, and it can warm our house all my love. Our hearts are made for each other and we feel each other at a distance, knowing every thought thought out together. We have never and nothing to regret. Life is not an easy thing, but with two loving hearts can go through all the trouble to build a strong family based on love and endless support. And it will be our wealth!
Your character
I am 100% optimistic girl and I never give up! I truly believe that life is beautiful, and I know how to make it even better. I have many goals and dreams, and I work hard to make them come true. If you were my friend - you would be surprised when they would see how strong my inner world and I, as a person in many situations. I know that much depends on me. I confess to you that I'm really tired of being so strong, and deal with all of yourself. Sometimes, because I want to feel cared for the man she loved, loved ones! I'm ready to start a family, I'm ready to try and experiment. I want to build a bright future together with a beloved man ... you can hear the impressions of thousands of delicious, delicious strawberries, but you will never know its true flavor and aroma until you lower the strawberries in cream and do not try it on the taste yourself, is not it? Smile.
So the best way to achieve a close connection, it is to try and experience with each other! I am writing my cookbook, and I think that I always treat my family than tasty))
I just love to cook delicious delicious. As I write my book on cooking. Hopefully, when - it will be publishing a large number of copies around the world, too))) I want to strive to be original and unique, so I have a lot of different interests, and that makes me unique.

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